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What are stocks?

Emily 0

Equities, commodities, option trading, margins, expense ratio, prospectus. Head explosion.

I’m convinced people in the investing community use big words because they WANT to come across as douche bags.

And when you think about investing all you can think about is those douche bag traders. And their slim fit suits with pant legs hemmed too short. Gawd.

Investing shouldn’t be just for douche bags. It should also be for moms. Sleep deprived with spit-up all over them. Who haven’t showered in four days or changed out of their maternity pants in six months. Yes us.

So let’s start here together. What are stocks?

Simple. Stocks (or shares) give you ownership in a company.

Have you bought so many Pampers diapers that you feel you single-handedly paid the CEO their salary? Why not own the company? Buy a share of Proctor & Gamble!